Railcar Repair

Runyon Industries operates a modernized, full service, Class “C”,  M-1002 and  M-1003 AAR certified repair facility equipped with 10 enclosed car spots, bridge cranes, state of the art valve room, and a Trackmobile.

Runyon Industries personnel are certified in various NDT procedures such as MT, PT, LT VT, UTT and hold NACE certification. Our repair technicians have the training and experience required to meet our goal of providing expert repairs and quality services at a competitive industry price  within the shortest possible dwell time.

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Services provided includes 10 year qualifications, valve repairs (testing, reconditioning and replacement), tank inserts, wheel set replacements, and tank coating inspections. Runyon Industries repair facility operates in strict accordance with its AAR and M-1003 Quality Assurance Program. 

Our team of trained professionals have the knowledge and experience necessary to meet your tank car repair needs.