Vegetable-Based, Feed-Grade, & Industrial Oils

Runyon Industries’ personnel are experts in developing safe, reliable vegetable-based oils for commercial uses including poultry and cattle feed ingredients. We offer customized blends to meet our customers’ diverse specifications for their particular industry.

Poultry Industry

Runyon Industries has developed a low cost, all-vegetable-based oil that has the same energy performance qualities as poultry fat but is less expensive and promotes digestive health.


Cattle Industry

Runyon Industries has developed and patented a formulation for the Cattle Industry called RIFA (Runyon Industries Fatty Acid). This formulation has an extremely high linoleic and free fatty acid (FFA) content that yields superior results for the cattle’s lifecycle.

Industrial Uses

Environmentally friendly, Runyon Industries’ Industrial Grade Oils are utilized to make bio diesel fuel, cutting oils, paint pigmentation mixtures, and as a safe biodegradable dust control for non-surfaced roadways. Runyon Industries complies with the requirements of the RED (Renewable Energy Directive) and is certified to ISCC EU (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification)