In 1991, on the banks of the Mississippi River, Stan Runyon founded a trans-loading and river-barge cleaning company. In the mid 1990’s, he relocated the operation to its current location and established what is now Runyon Industries.

Let Runyon Industries become your provider of superior solutions in this ever-changing world.

Runyon Industries' Standards

Whether Runyon Industries is cleaning or repairing your railcar, producing a specific vegetable-based oil for your company, or providing storage solutions, the employees at Runyon Industries adhere to the following core standards:


The top priorities at Runyon Industries are safety and security of people and property. With 125 plus years of combined safety and training experience, our professional team assures employees have a safe, healthy work environment.

Contractors and plant visitors are briefed on safety policies prior to entering the plant; employees and contractors attend monthly training and safety meetings.

For security, Inbound and Outbound inspections are conducted on all railcars entering and leaving our facility. Cleaned and repaired railcars are promptly sealed after services are completed. Perimeter fencing and 24-hour security personnel are in place to ensure the safety of life and property.


Runyon Industries is certified to the European GMP+ standard. Runyon Industries’ personnel are committed to ensuring compliance with established international, federal, state and local agencies, including OSHA, FDA, USDA, EPA, AAR, FRA and the new US FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act). Runyon Industries complies with the requirements of the RED (Renewable Energy Directive) and is certified to ISCC EU (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification)For Quality Assurance, our plant facilities are routinely inspected for GMP+ and governmental compliance.

Our in-house laboratory and independent commercial laboratories, throughout the world, are utilized by Runyon Industries to ensure that customer’s specifications are met. Laboratories, staffed with experts for analyzing vegetable-based oils, are chosen to provide accurate and reliable test results.

Standard procedures at Runyon Industries mandate that all inbound and outbound products are tested for acceptance to specified criteria before release for processing or delivery to our customers.

Typical laboratory testing parameters include Moisture, Insoluble Impurities, Unsaponifiable Matter, Free Fatty Acid, Total Fatty Acids, Fatty Acid Profiles, Iodine Value, Pesticide Residue Scans, and KCalories/lb. We also have PCB/Dioxin scans performed as part of the European GMP+ Quality program.

Runyon Industries has maintained GMP+ Certification for several years and regularly exports products to Europe, Mexico, and Canada. 

Runyon Industries has maintained GMP+ Certification for several years and regularly exports products to Europe, Mexico, and Canada.